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It is said that orange is the most flamboyant color on the planet! That it can be tied with warmth and organic products.

Most important for me is that orange is associated with a new dawn in attitude.

About a month ago I bought two bottles of Zonnebloem blanc de blanc wine at a local supermarket. After I received my till slip, the cashier handed me a Zonnebloem competition coupon from the till. For the first time in my life I entered a competition like this by sending in a reference number by SMS.

I forgot about it until a week ago when I received a phone call.

I was informed that I have just won a Le Creuset giftcard to the value of R5000-00.


They say that the colour orange also increases the craving for food. Maybe that is Le Creuset’s association with the colour then?

Le Creuset: The power of the colour orange

 A new dawn in attitude is correct.

Feeling like a million dollars I went to the Tyger Valley branch of Le Creuset and with the excellent support and knowledgeable assistance of the salesperson I saw and conquered!

My new Le Creuset babies:

At the back from left to right: 26 cm round Doufeu, 26 cm round Cocotte, 32cm oval Doufeu and in front a rectangular stoneware dish.

At the back from left to right: 26 cm round Doufeu, 26 cm round Cocotte, 32cm oval Doufeu and in front a rectangular stoneware dish.

And for those of you, like myself, that are asking what a Le Creuset Doufeu is, and how in the world to pronounce it?

A doufeu or Dough-foo is a cast iron Dutch oven made with a special lid, designed to baste your food as it cooks.

LeCreuset: DOUFEU

 Le Creuset: DOUFEU

Doufeu the facts:

Originally introduced in 1934 by Le Creuset, the Doufeu is a cooking vessel featuring a recessed lid designed to hold ice. The Doufeu revolutionised slow cooking by the use of simmering. By placing ice cubes or cold water on top of the lid during cooking, the heat rises from inside the casserole to hit the cold surface, which produces steam and condensation. Droplets of water then fall back into the dish to retain moisture, vitamins and nutrients within your cooking. Alternatively, it can also be used as a normal casserole in the oven.

As moisture begins to evaporate inside the cooking vessel during the slow cooking process, the cool ice-filled lid causes this moisture to condense. Specially designed dimples on the flat interior of the lid direct the moisture back down onto the food in liquid form. This self-basting effect minimizes the need to add additional water and ensures that food remains moist, nutrients are not lost, and flavours intensify.

I am sure that you will understand if I have to end writing this entry now!

Wife and kids will be home soon and after I have added my new babies to my other Le Creuset pieces, I need to start cooking something with my rainbow family!

LeCreuset : My rainbow family

Le Creuset : My rainbow family

I will be posting new Dutch Oven recipes soon!

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