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“Ancient civilisations in the Middle East, Mediterranean and South America realised the benefits of allowing sugar-containing liquids to ferment. Early brewers declared that ‘God is good’ when referring to the ‘miraculous’ transformations that accompanied fermentation. It wasn’t until Louis Pasteur’s seminal investigations of the mid 1800s, however, that yeast was given the credit for conducting the process that had hitherto been ascribed to divine intervention.”

– Jeff Eglinton et al, 2004

Dry wine yeast from packet

Dry wine yeast from packet

This short video clip shows how wine yeast starts “blooming” or coming to live when re-hydrated. Re-hydration is the process where dried yeast are placed in a water and grape juice / must mixture at between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. After about 10 minutes the yeast starts utilizing the sugars as a food source and the yeast population starts expanding exponentially.

This is the beginning of all wine!

Too watch this little miracle happening, please click on the following link: