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This morning at 6am when I went out to water my olive trees, I was again reminded about the awesomeness of nature and the power of instinct.

I have a family of Helmeted Guinea fowl or “Tarentale” that moved in 5 days ago. A mother and father birds with, what I suspect, twelve 6 day old chic’s!

The adult Guinea fowls are usually very nervous and shy animals. If you approach within 20 meters or so, they bullet off into the sky!

Now with the responsibility and care of their young they will not fly away even if you approach to within meters. Instead they immediately go into a offensive mode, charging and even kicking me on my chest. Amazing!

This reminded me of the following photograph I took in a coastal forest in the Tsitsikamma National Park on South Africa’s south coast. While doing slow exposures on a mountain stream a “Boomslang” or tree snake leaped 2 meters through the air to grab the unsuspecting frog right in front of me!

African "Boomslang" / Tree snakeAlthough it was very dark and I had to shoot at F2.8 with very limited DOF, I managed some very artistic images of the predation.

So glad I had my camera at hand at the moment nature presented herself!